Web advertising

Web advertising

  • Place a banner on our website and be advertising your products, projects and events to the Canadian Francophonie in no time.
  • With 50 000 hits a month, www.apf.ca is one of the Canadian Francophonie's busiest sites.
  • Our cyber visitors include journalists, government representatives, Francophone leaders and members of the general public, thousands of whom are Francophiles.


Single banners are 200 pixels wide and 40 pixels high, and can be combined in stacks of up to five. See banner space here. Rates
Single banner
200 x 40 pix.
$2 000
Stack of 2
200 x 80 pix.
$3 600
Stack of 3
200 x 120 pix.
$4 800
Stack of 4
200 x 160 pix.
$5 600
Stack of 5
200 x 200 pix.
$6 000
Rates do not include the cost of production.


Not-for-profit organizations automatically receive a 20% discount.

Banner production service

We can produce a banner for you. Send the details of your requirements to apf@apf.ca and we will provide you with a cost estimate.

Technical details

Banner formats: .gif, .jpg or .swf (Flash) Resolution: 72 dpi Size: 25 KB max.


The file containing your banner must be mailed to publicite@apf.ca at least three days prior to the date it is to be placed on our website.


Banner advertising is billed at the start of the posting period. Invoices are payable within thirty days of their issue. Banner location I would like to place a banner on your site

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