Internship bursaries

Internship bursaries

Internship opportunities are available all across the country to Francophone youth wishing to pursue a career in communications. Since 2008, the Fondation Donatien-Frémont has offered bursaries to communications, journalism and graphic arts students to enable them to do an internship in one of the APF's member newspapers. Approximately six internships a year are supported, for a total of about $13 000.

Eligibility requirements

  • The internship must be performed as part of a journalism or graphic arts program.
  • The internship must be at least four weeks long.
  • The internship must be performed with a member newspaper of the Association de la presse francophone.

Size of bursaries

  • The amount of the internship bursary can vary from $500 to $2000. The exact amount will be determined based on the budget set by the host newspaper.
  • The bursary may be used to cover travel costs, living expenses or student pay (depending on the requirements of the educational institution).
  • Sixty percent of the amount of the bursary will be remitted at the start of the internship (to the student or the newspaper, depending on the agreement between the parties). The remaining 40% will be remitted when the newspaper confirms to the Association de la presse francophone that the internship has been completed.

How to apply

  • Interested students may write or call one of the APF's 24 member newspapers (see list of newspapers) directly to request an internship.
  • Alternatively, students may indicate their interest to the APF, which will forward their name and profile to the newspapers. Interested newspapers will then contact the student.
  • Some students may be required to go through the internship coordinator for their school, in which case, their application will be directly forwarded to the newspaper concerned. The host newspaper and the educational institution will enter into an internship agreement. The newspaper may then apply to the Fondation Donatien-Frémont for funding.
PDF / Internship Application Form (French only)
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